Shanghai Sculpture Space

C360_2014-08-16-16-55-48-779C360_2014-08-16-16-52-05-113Yes, I ran into another cat I wanted to take home with me. I couldn’t, though, sadly.I have no words…. (pondering)C360_2014-08-16-19-14-34-129“I’m watching you, my pretty….and your little…nevermind.”C360_2014-08-16-17-07-06-070C360_2014-08-16-19-13-08-381C360_2014-08-16-19-17-41-846(dances to Smooth Criminal)C360_2014-05-04-13-46-49-759C360_2014-05-04-13-50-30-387C360_2014-05-04-14-00-43-854Dawen and I went back to one of the Creative Parks in Shanghai since we knew it was our last time to be around the area.


A Relaxing Day in Shanghai

Camera 360weaCamera 360It’s a good day for laundry.C360_2014-05-04-13-18-26-028Coffee break at Vienna Café.

We went to Tian Zi Fang to look around.C360_2014-05-01-12-50-41-973I say hello to my cute, furry neighbor when I return to my neighborhood.

Taipei –> Shanghai –> ???

Camera 360Dawen and I went to our old neighborhood we’ve lived in for 11 months one last time. We haven’t been in the area for the past 6 months and it already changed greatly. I admit, I will miss my old neighborhood more than where I am now. Having said that, it’s time to move forward.
我和大文回到了我們住了十一個月的地區看看, 我們搬離那裡已經有六個月了。我必須承認我會比較懷念我以前住的地區, 話雖如此, 現在已是離開的時候了。I used to eat my sandwich at this former Muslim Noodle Shop but now it’s closed.
Camera 360We ended up going to another Muslim noodle restaurant around our neighborhood before moving to where we are now.IMG_20130504_040012Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360This is where I can get my bread to munch on while walking to where I need to go.We used to go to a noodle restaurant called Snoodle. I’m all about their dry noodle.C360_2014-08-13-10-29-33-881The neighborhood is blooming and I hope it continues to bloom.

What I will miss in Shanghai – part two.

Dawen and I arrived in the year of the snake and we’re leaving in the year of the horse. Honestly, Lunar New Year simply wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. I haven’t seen so many fireworks in all my life. It didn’t matter which angle I faced – there were fireworks exploding right before me. Dawen and I took advantage of the empty, clean streets in our neighborhood. I will miss that. I will miss the architecture when I leave.

IMG_20130501_043101I really liked seeing this building in my old neighborhood.Camera 360C360_2014-04-21-23-29-08-130 C360_2014-04-21-23-35-18-665Camera 360Camera 360IMG_20130331_032550IMG_20130328_091221IMG_20130330_083438 (1)When Dawen and I first arrived in Shanghai, we immediately started to explore the city.img_20130330_054737-1IMG_20130331_095816Camera 360w2w3I will miss seeing the architecture, as well. I have so many other photos but these should do.Camera 360I will miss going to this Xinjiang restaurant when Dawen and I are hanging around People’s Square. Thank you for the memories, Shanghai.

Camera 360“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

What I will miss in Shanghai – part one.

my new shoes

I arrived in Shanghai on March first of last year and now the day has come for me to leave. I’m still uncertain where I will be for my next adventure but for now I’ll be taking a breather in Taiwan for a bit to be with family. I will at least be wearing my comfortable shoes wherever I go. The thing is, what will I miss about living in Shanghai? For one, I am going to miss seeing my noodle being made right in front of me when I’m at a Muslim restaurant. There is a particular restaurant in my neighborhood where I’m always ordering a certain noodle dish. I can never get enough.

Did you know that recent studies show noodle came from Modern day Iran (Persia) and they were brought over to China by businessmen starting from Xinjiang province? The more you know. My husband and I watched the show when we first moved to our new apartment.PhotoGrid_1363941989345The good thing about ordering at a Muslim restaurant is that I don’t have to worry about eating something that has pork. I’m also all about the dumplings.

Don’t get me started on the sandwich. This is my lunch.food6I will miss this dessert at another noodle shop Dawen and I used to go to on a daily basis.

The restaurant we used to eat in our old neighborhood to order vegetable pie.

A cat decided to join us.  Unfortunately we’re still a cat-less couple….for now. I will have Maine Coon. Scratch that. I will adopt any cat that needs a home. I realize we’ve been befriending cats, lately.food3CAM03771Case in point: The first time we ate at the restaurant. Yes, that’s a different cat.

Dawen’s recent post: Left Shanghai Behind.

“Your wife lost a lot of weight.”

CAM04887One afternoon in August my husband arrived at the gym after me (he had to drop his clothes at the dry cleaners first), the woman at the front desk said to him, “I’m always seeing your wife working out. She has lost a lot of weight.”

I’ve been going to the gym 4 to 6 days a week for the past four months and just when I start to get discouraged with my progress, I get reminded that I may be slow but I at least am going to the right direction.

What a pleasant reminder.

在八月裡的某個下午, 我先生去將要乾洗的衣物送洗後, 來到健身房與我會合。他進來後, 在接待台的小姐跟他說我看起來瘦很多, 她幾乎每天都看到我來運動。

我在過去四個月中, 每星期都去健身房四到六次左右。就當我對我的減重進展感到不滿意時, 那都會讓我記得即使進展不如預期快速, 至少我的方向是正確的, 那對我而言的確是個很好的提醒。

Our Creative Day in Shanghai

Dawen and I went to Choc Choco to have our afternoon coffee around our neighborhood. Honestly though, I’m starting to be allergic to chocolate.

I witness my husband’s creative genius. Now I have that song stuck in my head.lip4artgh2Kidding aside (although, my husband can really draw very well), we head over to the Art Museum. Sometimes I like to look at an art piece while writing scribbles on my notebook. Inspiration comes in many forms.C360_2014-05-04-13-45-40-649C360_2014-05-04-13-49-51-193C360_2014-05-04-13-48-51-267C360_2014-05-04-13-57-49-662C360_2014-05-04-14-52-00-588C360_2014-05-04-13-59-12-576We then went to a Creative Park.  Here is a page of  places to go.

If you’re ever around the slaughterhouse turned tourist destination and you want a place to sit down to drink your coffee – you can always go to Central Perk and watch old episodes of Friends while you have your caffeine fix.