What I Like About Hong Kong

C360_2014-04-05-20-24-38-321My husband and I made the right decision to go to Hong Kong for China’s National holiday last year. Surprisingly, it wasn’t really all that crowded. The local people were more focused on Halloween, honestly.C360_2014-04-04-17-02-39-637 Hong Kong coffee with fruit tart = great way to start the day.CAM05697Good morning, Bruce Lee.C360_2014-04-04-16-51-02-758C360_2014-04-04-16-52-42-790We don’t need to go to England to get on the double-decker bus.Camera 360Camera 360 C360_2014-04-04-16-49-47-278 C360_2014-04-04-16-29-44-658 C360_2014-04-05-19-14-36-960The infrastructure in Hong Kong is worth bragging about.C360_2014-04-04-14-23-09-435 C360_2014-04-04-16-55-20-440We went to places that were often shot in Hong Kong movies.Camera 360I’m all about the milk tea here. I was enjoying my drink while reading up on what to do in Macau before we visit.C360_2014-04-04-16-27-27-054Camera 360C360_2014-04-05-19-09-03-789We went to the Ocean Park.CAM05687While Hong Kong may be hectic, congested and crowded at times – there are always places like this where you can get away from it all.C360_2014-04-04-16-56-40-261 C360_2014-04-04-16-58-37-830 C360_2014-04-06-11-48-19-377Dawen went to Hong Kong in pre 1997 and never thought he would come back after 1997. I, on the other hand, never thought I would ever be in this side of the world let alone visit Hong Kong.CAM05580 I hope to come back someday. I’m sorry I couldn’t speak Cantonese.