Weekend in Hangzhou

C360_2014-04-27-20-43-55-905My husband and I went to Hangzhou for the weekend. We stayed at 萬凱 due to the fact that it was less expensive than the other hotels around the area.

There is a saying: Above there is Heaven, on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.Camera 360Camera 360The West LakeCamera 360 This guy was simply texting.C360_2014-04-27-20-48-02-865Watch out! Oh, nevermind.Camera 360At first it was raining and then it turned to snow.Camera 360Someone even made a mini snowman.C360_2014-04-27-20-51-18-230 My husband and I walk around enjoying the night life. Camera 360This Costa in particular gives me the best cappuccino than any other Costa I have ever been to. Whoever made my cappuccino every time I stop by – thank you.CAM06002Case in point: This cappuccino was well made.yepx CAM07378 Camera 360 Camera 360It eventually became sunny again…when we had to catch a train back to Shanghai.

Dawen and I went to Hangzhou at least three times in the past one and half years. Yes, we like this place that much. I miss the beautiful place already.