Our Adventures in Taiwan (w/ illustrations)!

famiCelebrating Chinese (Lunar) New Year wouldn’t be complete without my husband’s family.

Dawen and I exploring Taipei by bike.taib2Dawen and I waiting for the bus.taib6Dawen and I relax at Da’an Park.

taib5My husband and I enjoying many Taiwanese creations such as bubble tea.taib3My husband and I sometimes do our own (Taiwanese version) KTV. While Karaoke was invented in Japan, Taiwan took a step further and had an idea of creating private rooms.


Inspired by Taipei

bubblesBubble tea – a Taiwanese invention.Taipei 101 – once upon a time, it used to be the tallest building.bubbles3Taipei 101 – once upon a time, it used to be the tallest building.bubbles2京華城 – a place to shop.

This was my first drawing inspired by the beautiful island. I’m excited to return to my second home. I can’t wait to hang out at my usual spots.

Collection: Diversity

I had very little money in my pockets so I was limited to what medium I am able to buy.

I came across this sparkling, cheap crayons. I took them home with me and started to smudge the crayons onto paper. I also used a sharpie black marker. I’m happy with the end result with what I’ve had.