Cat Cafes in Taipei

We got off from Taipower Building Station and walked roughly 10 minutes to the cafe. My husband said the Americano is pretty good. Out of the three Cafes, this is by far my favourite. The design of the cafe is rustic and has a down-to-earth sort of vibe. There’s a library as well for you to browse while you drink your cup of Joe.1416043357044Toast Chat
We took the 905 from Xindian district and it did take us a while to get there. If you’re going by MRT, you get off on Sun Yat-Sen Station. The food there didn’t impress me, really. Dawen and I just ordered the latte. After all, we were just there for the cats. There’s a video I took of a particular cat over here for your viewing pleasure.

We got off from Taipower Building and I honestly don’t remember how many minutes walking. I think roughly 14 minutes, or so. This place has a cute furniture store in the back.

I haven’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to the cat cafe craze in Taipei. I admit the reason for me not blogging often is because of instagram, but I will try to update on the cafes I’ve been to such as Somebody Cafe. Maybe you know a cat cafe in Taipei you would like to recommend?

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