Martyrs Shrine

C360_2014-09-04-16-16-34-967C360_2014-09-04-16-18-14-994C360_2014-09-04-16-03-23-479C360_2014-09-04-16-04-36-720C360_2014-09-04-16-06-41-139C360_2014-09-04-16-08-22-459C360_2014-09-04-16-11-50-078C360_2014-09-04-16-14-17-455C360_2014-09-04-16-24-57-936C360_2014-09-04-16-33-53-660C360_2014-09-04-16-29-45-192C360_2014-09-04-16-21-39-027C360_2014-09-04-16-23-57-029C360_2014-09-04-16-22-43-686C360_2014-09-04-16-25-57-729C360_2014-09-04-16-31-02-398C360_2014-09-04-16-19-20-780Dawen talked about the time when he first visited the Martyrs Shrine as a kid, it was packed and it appeared to be so big to him at the time. When we first arrived at the place, the changing of the guards was just starting – what luck! Not only that, it wasn’t all that crowded so we stuck around longer wandering around the area. It was a pretty relaxing day.

大文想起小時候去忠烈祠玩, 很擠, 而且感覺大的多。我們剛到時, 衛兵交接儀式剛開始, 蠻幸運的, 人也不是很多, 所以多逗留了一會兒, 是悠閒的一天。

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