Taipei –> Shanghai –> ???

Camera 360Dawen and I went to our old neighborhood we’ve lived in for 11 months one last time. We haven’t been in the area for the past 6 months and it already changed greatly. I admit, I will miss my old neighborhood more than where I am now. Having said that, it’s time to move forward.
我和大文回到了我們住了十一個月的地區看看, 我們搬離那裡已經有六個月了。我必須承認我會比較懷念我以前住的地區, 話雖如此, 現在已是離開的時候了。I used to eat my sandwich at this former Muslim Noodle Shop but now it’s closed.
Camera 360We ended up going to another Muslim noodle restaurant around our neighborhood before moving to where we are now.IMG_20130504_040012Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360This is where I can get my bread to munch on while walking to where I need to go.We used to go to a noodle restaurant called Snoodle. I’m all about their dry noodle.C360_2014-08-13-10-29-33-881The neighborhood is blooming and I hope it continues to bloom.

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