Robin Williams, you will be missed.

5.0.2I woke up with the devastating news of Robin William’s passing. My condolences to the family. Growing up, I watched his movies as a way to cope with what’s around me. I was heavily bullied for talking “strange” due to being born mostly deaf. I was isolated and going to speech therapy classes. I guess you can say watching his movies after school helped me realize that it was okay to be different. It was therapeutic to listen to all his voices despite being hearing-impaired and I was encouraged to keep using my “strange” voice when I was constantly told not to. It did help me to see a friendly, familiar face when I was constantly on the move with strangers. Robin Williams was the light of my childhood. He will be missed.hitThis scene in Good Will Hunting changed me.

One thought on “Robin Williams, you will be missed.

  1. yes he has been in my life all of my life – from mork and mindy – it is indeed sad – judging from the number of comments in the news, he is indeed one of kind and will be missed.

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