What I will miss in Shanghai – part one.

my new shoes

I arrived in Shanghai on March first of last year and now the day has come for me to leave. I’m still uncertain where I will be for my next adventure but for now I’ll be taking a breather in Taiwan for a bit to be with family. I will at least be wearing my comfortable shoes wherever I go. The thing is, what will I miss about living in Shanghai? For one, I am going to miss seeing my noodle being made right in front of me when I’m at a Muslim restaurant. There is a particular restaurant in my neighborhood where I’m always ordering a certain noodle dish. I can never get enough.

Did you know that recent studies show noodle came from Modern day Iran (Persia) and they were brought over to China by businessmen starting from Xinjiang province? The more you know. My husband and I watched the show when we first moved to our new apartment.PhotoGrid_1363941989345The good thing about ordering at a Muslim restaurant is that I don’t have to worry about eating something that has pork. I’m also all about the dumplings.

Don’t get me started on the sandwich. This is my lunch.food6I will miss this dessert at another noodle shop Dawen and I used to go to on a daily basis.

The restaurant we used to eat in our old neighborhood to order vegetable pie.

A cat decided to join us.  Unfortunately we’re still a cat-less couple….for now. I will have Maine Coon. Scratch that. I will adopt any cat that needs a home. I realize we’ve been befriending cats, lately.food3CAM03771Case in point: The first time we ate at the restaurant. Yes, that’s a different cat.

Dawen’s recent post: Left Shanghai Behind.

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