What I will miss in Shanghai – part two.

Dawen and I arrived in the year of the snake and we’re leaving in the year of the horse. Honestly, Lunar New Year simply wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. I haven’t seen so many fireworks in all my life. It didn’t matter which angle I faced – there were fireworks exploding right before me. Dawen and I took advantage of the empty, clean streets in our neighborhood. I will miss that. I will miss the architecture when I leave.

IMG_20130501_043101I really liked seeing this building in my old neighborhood.Camera 360C360_2014-04-21-23-29-08-130 C360_2014-04-21-23-35-18-665Camera 360Camera 360IMG_20130331_032550IMG_20130328_091221IMG_20130330_083438 (1)When Dawen and I first arrived in Shanghai, we immediately started to explore the city.img_20130330_054737-1IMG_20130331_095816Camera 360w2w3I will miss seeing the architecture, as well. I have so many other photos but these should do.Camera 360I will miss going to this Xinjiang restaurant when Dawen and I are hanging around People’s Square. Thank you for the memories, Shanghai.

Camera 360“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

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