Our Creative Day in Shanghai

Dawen and I went to Choc Choco to have our afternoon coffee around our neighborhood. Honestly though, I’m starting to be allergic to chocolate.

I witness my husband’s creative genius. Now I have that song stuck in my head.lip4artgh2Kidding aside (although, my husband can really draw very well), we head over to the Art Museum. Sometimes I like to look at an art piece while writing scribbles on my notebook. Inspiration comes in many forms.C360_2014-05-04-13-45-40-649C360_2014-05-04-13-49-51-193C360_2014-05-04-13-48-51-267C360_2014-05-04-13-57-49-662C360_2014-05-04-14-52-00-588C360_2014-05-04-13-59-12-576We then went to a Creative Park.  Here is a page of  places to go.

If you’re ever around the slaughterhouse turned tourist destination and you want a place to sit down to drink your coffee – you can always go to Central Perk and watch old episodes of Friends while you have your caffeine fix.

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