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Cat Cafes in Taipei

We got off from Taipower Building Station and walked roughly 10 minutes to the cafe. My husband said the Americano is pretty good. Out of the three Cafes, this is by far my favourite. The design of the cafe is rustic and has a down-to-earth sort of vibe. There’s a library as well for you to browse while you drink your cup of Joe.1416043357044Toast Chat
We took the 905 from Xindian district and it did take us a while to get there. If you’re going by MRT, you get off on Sun Yat-Sen Station. The food there didn’t impress me, really. Dawen and I just ordered the latte. After all, we were just there for the cats. There’s a video I took of a particular cat over here for your viewing pleasure.

We got off from Taipower Building and I honestly don’t remember how many minutes walking. I think roughly 14 minutes, or so. This place has a cute furniture store in the back.

I haven’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to the cat cafe craze in Taipei. I admit the reason for me not blogging often is because of instagram, but I will try to update on the cafes I’ve been to such as Somebody Cafe. Maybe you know a cat cafe in Taipei you would like to recommend?

Ximending – where the cool kids go (but I am not cool).

ximxim2Ximending has been called the Harajuku of Taipei and the Shibuya of Taipei. I admit that I’ve only been there twice in the past two years. While the area may not be my scene, at least it’s now my cup of tea. Well, kind of.  I now have a reason to go to Ximending: Somebody Cafe.
IMG_20141015_192437I had the Matcha Latte and I thought it was delicious….
1413351913146….but I hate it when I drop my food.
xin2 xin3JpegJpeg JpegJpegI took random snapshots of the street art around the area. Overall, it was a relaxing day that was much-needed, honestly.

My Second Home in Taiwan


I’m fortunate to be able to explore the beautiful island through my husband’s eyes. I hung out with my husband at his childhood hangout in Gongguan, had hot pot with his elementary school classmates and go to the same movie theater he went when he was a teenager. My husband’s former co-worker even invited us to go for a hike with him.


I ordered my first bento box on the train on my way to Taitung. I got the chicken!  Japanese tourists (especially the older generation) would get on the train simply for this traditional bento box to go down on memory lane, so to speak.


My adventures on the island wouldn’t be the same without my extended family. No really, it’s true. My husband’s younger brother has a home in Taitung. I always enjoy eating the ice cream when I visit. There are a list of places to visit such as Taitung Fruit Market, Zhiben hot springs and especially the Museum of Prehistory. The Museum of Prehistory is a kid-friendly archaeological museum; it’s basically located near the airport. The museum was opened in 2002. I would like to learn Taiwan’s natural history and explore the culture prehistoric Austronesian peoples and today’s indigenous tribes.

I’m all about the holidays with my husband’s family members. For an example, I had mooncake for Mid Autumn Festival recently.

I’m also learning Chinese culture through my mother-in-law.  I also don’t have to pay for lessons like many foreigners  to learn 古琴. Now don’t get me started on her cooking – she cooks me my all-time favourite curry.


Now I’m craving tofu.

imger kee3

I don’t have to travel so far to feel I’m in another world. From my mother’s place – 30 minutes away from the ocean (Keelung), 20 minutes away from the mountains (Wulai) and near the hot springs. If  I want to get away from the city, I really can. 讓我們逃離混凝土叢林,遠離霓虹燈。


My mother-in-law, husband and I went to Wulai and had fresh vegetables straight from the mountains. What a difference. I went to the same place Andrew Zimmern has been to when he shot one of his episodes in Taiwan (he was also a huge fan).

Not that we need to get away for our adventures. We sometimes get a kick out of our own neighborhood late at night.

You basically look in and press a button to take your picture. You will see your face on the screen. I think I had too much fun than I should have but sometimes the little things is what makes me smile. I’m so glad to be back in my second home even if it’s just for a little while.


bit2IMG_20140315_031723My husband said that the teahouse on the cliff has been there at least since his childhood.bit1Dawen went to this area as a child in the 1970′s with his younger brother and mother. While it has changed greatly, it was interesting for him to come back for old times sake. Some food I could eat while others I just watched my mother-in-law and husband enjoy. It’s always good to return home. 大文曾在七十年代和他媽媽及弟弟去碧潭玩, 碧潭這些年來變化很大, 對大文而言, 舊地重遊非常有意思。
bit13Want a haircut? 要理髮嗎?

My husband has oyster omelette. I had some kind of sesame noodle.bit16My mother-in-law and husband enjoying their hot dog.bit7bit12bit11bit6We enjoy the view from below. 我們愉快的在水面上欣賞風景。

bit15bit14Now we enjoy the view from above. 我們愉快的在橋上欣賞風景。

bit4bit5bit20These are the three pictures I took my first time going to Bitan with my husband in 2009. Time flies. 我於2009年第一次造訪碧潭並拍了三張照。

Martyrs Shrine

C360_2014-09-04-16-16-34-967C360_2014-09-04-16-18-14-994C360_2014-09-04-16-03-23-479C360_2014-09-04-16-04-36-720C360_2014-09-04-16-06-41-139C360_2014-09-04-16-08-22-459C360_2014-09-04-16-11-50-078C360_2014-09-04-16-14-17-455C360_2014-09-04-16-24-57-936C360_2014-09-04-16-33-53-660C360_2014-09-04-16-29-45-192C360_2014-09-04-16-21-39-027C360_2014-09-04-16-23-57-029C360_2014-09-04-16-22-43-686C360_2014-09-04-16-25-57-729C360_2014-09-04-16-31-02-398C360_2014-09-04-16-19-20-780Dawen talked about the time when he first visited the Martyrs Shrine as a kid, it was packed and it appeared to be so big to him at the time. When we first arrived at the place, the changing of the guards was just starting – what luck! Not only that, it wasn’t all that crowded so we stuck around longer wandering around the area. It was a pretty relaxing day.

大文想起小時候去忠烈祠玩, 很擠, 而且感覺大的多。我們剛到時, 衛兵交接儀式剛開始, 蠻幸運的, 人也不是很多, 所以多逗留了一會兒, 是悠閒的一天。

Stop. Look. Life is beautiful.

C360_2014-08-25-22-31-41-484C360_2014-08-25-22-43-45-059It has been over a week since I moved back to New Taipei from Shanghai. It feels right to be in my second home right now. Dawen and I have been constantly on the move for the past two years. As I was having my usual stinky tofu enjoying the view of Bitan, I realize I can stay here for a while. Scratch that, I can see myself growing old here.

已從上海搬回臺北一週了, 搬回我的第二故鄉感覺一切都很自然。我和大文過去兩年不斷地遷徙, 但當我吃著臭豆腐並觀賞這碧潭的風景, 我覺得我能在這裡再待上一陣子。喔! 更正! 我認為我可以在這裡住到老。C360_2014-08-26-16-19-58-888When I was living in Shanghai, I was yearning to go back to my old life in Maine and now that I’m staying at my mother-in-law’s place in New Taipei, I no longer have the desire to do so. I felt like I have been holding my breath since I left the States; I have forgotten to stop and take a look at where I am.

I’m now looking around and I do like what I am seeing.

當我在上海時, 我希望回到我過去在緬因州的生活, 如今住在我岳母位於臺北的家, 我不再想回到緬因州。我覺得我自從離開美國後就像停止呼吸一樣, 忘了停下來去欣賞周遭事務。

我現在正欣賞著我周遭的一切, 我可以說我很喜歡我所看到的一切。